Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hotel Hypnosis 6

Sky checks into her hotel and sits on the couch, ready to relax and watch some TV. But when the TV turns on, spirals begin to spin on the display. It seems someone at the hotel wants to hypnotize Sky and turn her into their very own slave.

Full Download Details:
21 minutes, 32 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by two red spirals on her TV set.
  • Sky is brainwashed and reprogrammed by the text on the screen. She repeats her programming while in a zombie pose.
  • Kneels before her master in a trance, and repeats additional programming.
  • Sleepwalks back and forth while chanting her mantra.
  • Locks her hands behind her head and chants her mantra. Her shirt is pulled up to expose her bare chest.
  • Woken out of trance briefly to get her reactions.
  • Frozen in place with a finger snap. Posed like a statue. Shirt removed.
  • Walks back and forth "ballerina-esque" in a daze.
  • Stands at attention and removes her the rest of her clothing.
  • Must model her naked body while remaining blank and mindless.
  • Walks like a zombie nude, and repeating her mantra.
  • Hypnotized deeper with another spiral hidden in a painting. Sky stares into the spiral and repeats her programming.
  • Made to crawl naked on the floor while chanting her mantras.
  • Sky is left with a trigger, but awakened with no memory of what happened.
  • Full nude.
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Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6Hotel Hypnosis 6

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