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Hypno Gas - Alisha

Alisha is being harassed by a guy who can't just take "no" for an answer. She tells him over the phone that there is no way she will ever date him, and she wants him to leave her alone. She then lays down to take a nap, but minutes later, a strange gas fills her room. Alisha breathes it in and soon the gas takes effect. She is now in a hypnotic state where she will do and say anything she's told. She answers a knock at her front door and in walks the guy she just told off. But this time Alisha is happy to see him. She's going to obey her master's every command.

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08 minutes, 08 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Alisha is put into an obedient state when she inhales "hypno gas".
  • Upon inhaling the gas, Alisha opens her eyes and begins mindlessly chanting "I am hypnotized and horny".
  • Continuing to chant her mantra, Alisha sits up and begins running her hands over her body.
  • When Alisha's "master" knocks at the door, she happily invites him in and puts on a dance for him. With a smile on her face, she tells him that the hypno gas worked and she will now do whatever she's told.
  • Alisha focuses on a swinging pocket watch, and she is programmed to go into a trance whenever she sees one. She repeats back her programming.
  • Chants the phrase "pocket watches hypnotize me" while she walks like a zombie back and forth.
  • Barefoot.
  • Topless nudity.
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Hypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - AlishaHypno Gas - Alisha

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