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Hypno Gas - Eden Adore

One of Eden's guy friends things she is super sexy, but knows he has no chance with her since she's already with someone. He invites her over one afternoon and has her sit on the couch while he goes upstairs "to get ready". Shortly after, a strange gas creeps into the room. Eden smells the gas then her face goes blank. She's in a mindless and obedient trance state. Her friend comes back into the room now and takes control of Eden. She obeys every command without the slightest hesitation, not even knowing what she is doing. He then uses a pocket watch to hypnotize her, programming her to go into hypnosis anytime she sees the watch. He makes Eden strip naked and show off her body for him while in a hypnotic trance. He now has a slave he can trigger anytime he desires.

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09 minutes, 54 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Eden is put into a trance state when she inhales "hypno gas".
  • Upon inhaling the gas, Eden's face goes blank and she drops her phone.
  • Eden is groped while sitting in a trance. She repeats the programming her friend gives her.
  • Eden must refer to him now as "master".
  • Chants the phrase "I am hypnotized and ready to obey" as she walks like a zombie.
  • Eden is shown the pocket watch and programmed to got into a trance anytime she sees it.
  • The effects of the gas wear off, and she wakes up back on the couch alone, not realizing she's been hypnotized with the pocket watch.
  • Eden is asked to remove her clothes. When she refuses, she is shown the pocket watch, then obeys her master.
  • Chants "the pocket watch is my trigger" while stripping naked.
  • Eden sleepwalks in the nude while chanting her new mantra.
  • Eden is forced to repeat various erotic mantras while on her hands and knees, and showing off her butt for her master.
  • Crawls towards her master and has her hair pulled while remaining mindless and submissive.
  • Full nude.
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Hypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden AdoreHypno Gas Eden Adore

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