Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypno Oil 3

Zoey's husband buys her a massage table for Christmas, and of course, she's thrilled. She thinks he's going to give her the most amazing massage, but instead he rubs a special oil into her legs and feet that puts her into an empty and submissive state. Zoey becomes a mindless zombie and does whatever she is told. She is made to see her husband as her master, and no longer has any free will.

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16 minutes, 02 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mind controlled by a special body oil absorbed into her skin.
  • Repeats her commands in a monotone.
  • Trained to refer to her husband as "master"
  • Sleepwalks through the room in a trance, repeating her mantra.
  • Becomes a frozen and poseable mannequin
  • Continues sleepwalking with a new mantra.
  • Sits on the couch with her arms in a sleepwalker pose and repeats the phrases she is given.
  • Must give her master a hand and shoulder massage while thanking him for being such a good husband.
  • Made to crawl around on the floor like a dog.
  • Believes that she is a ballerina.
  • Must rub more oil into her skin as she takes herself deeper under her husband's control.
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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