Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypno Seduction

Riley is confronting one of her guy friends over trying to break her and her boyfriend up. He tried to get with Riley years ago, but she decided quickly that she was going to date losers instead. Riley is about to discover that she wants to break up with her boyfriend and date her superior guy friend instead - she just needs to be hypnotized to help her realize that. When Riley comes out of her trance, it is her who is desperately pursuing her friend.

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12 minutes, 36 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Riley is hypnotized at the door using a pocket watch.
  • She enters the room in a trance and sits on the couch.
  • Riley repeats back her programming and is then snapped out of trance.
  • Riley is awake and alert, but now she is highly attracted to her friend. She tries to convince him why she is a good fit for him.
  • Riley tells her friend how attractive he is, and becomes jealous when he brings up another girl he is interested in.
  • She tells him that she is ready to break up with her boyfriend so she is basically available.
  • When it becomes aparent that he is not cracking, Riley stands up and shows off her figure to him.
  • She makes excuses as to why she chose another guy over him.
  • Tells him that she will work two jobs and he doesn't even need to contribute towards anything.
  • She gets on her knees and begs as she becomes more desparate.
  • She calls her boyfriend and breaks up with him on the spot.
  • Riley crawls over to her friend and tells him that she will do anything to make him happy.
  • No nudity.
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