Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypno Shorts 2 starring Natalie

Natalie (from 'Hypnotized Landlord') is back! This time she stars in five separate clips, all shot POV (point of view), and all featuring naked, erotic, hypnosis fun!

Clip 1 - Swinging Watch Induction: A lengthy scene featuring Natalie being hypnotized by a swinging watch. She starts off fully clothed, and ends up completely naked by the end of the clip. She removes all of her clothes, while staying entranced by the watch the entire time. Of course, she mutters a few mantras as well.

Clip 2 - Why aren't the Dishes Done??: Natalie becomes rather bitchy when she discovers that her lazy boyfriend hasn't done the dishes like she asked. To stop her nagging, he uses a flashing light to instantly entrance his hot girlfriend and make her strip naked. Lots of zombie walking, along with some mindless, repetitive chanting before she rides her master's cock (shown from your view)!

Clip 3 - Hypnosis and Feet: This clip is for foot lovers, but offers something for every hypno fan. Natalie is reading a magazine on the couch and doesn't feel like having her feet bothered at the moment. Some persuasion from the pocket watch is needed. Once she is hypnotized, she begins to strip off her clothes, while telling her master that she will obey his commands. She speaks in a soft and very submissive tone while under hypnosis. After an extended hypnotic induction, she finally allows her feet to be rubbed and played with. Now she is willing to do anything for her master.

Clip 4 - I am Your Sex-bot: Natalie is again controlled, this time with a magic remote control. With just the click of a button, Natalie is obeying every command given to her. She removes her top and begins cleaning the apartment in a mindless, robotic fashion. When she's done cleaning, her trance is deepened through hypnosis. Hypnotized and completely submissive, she places her arms behind her head and allows her master to play with her however he wishes. She repeats in a robotic tone, 'I am your sex-bot', while she is fondled.

Clip 5 - Hypno Banged: Natalie comes down stairs with nothing on but a robe, wanting to have sex with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, having a hypno-fetish, decides that sex would be better with her under hypnosis. She is hypnotized and trained, made to repeat instructions given to her. After a length training process, she de-robes and lays on the rough carpet as she's pounded over and over, repeating submissive mantras the entire time. Shot POV (no male nudity).

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Full Download Details:
22 minutes, 01 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Watch swinging inductions
  • Flashing light induction
  • Undresses while being hypnotized
  • Zombie/sleepwalking
  • Mindless, obedient chanting and repeating commands
  • Simulated sex scenes while hypnotized
  • Foot Fetish
  • Fondled while in trance
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Standard Quality Version
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720 x 480
Total size is 348 MB
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