Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypnotizing His Friend's Sister

Brianne's brother is a popular guy. He has lots of friends that come over to hang out, and many of them think his little sister is hot. None of them are stupid enough to try anything with her, except for one. His friend Mark waits until his good buddy isn't home, then heads over to pay a visit to little Brianne. He's finally going to get to see Brianne naked, and she isn't going to say a word to her big brother about it, because she is going to be under hypnosis the entire time.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Brianne is hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch.
  • Brianne repeats back her commands through the induction.
  • Made to refer to her brother's friend as "master" and "sir".
  • Ordered to sleepwalk in circles while repeating "I am your mindless sex doll, master" and "your thoughts are my commands".
  • Must kneel before her master and pull down her dress. Must take topless selfies using her master's phone.
  • Brianne is brought out of trance, not realizing that she is hypnotized or that her top is down. As she watches the watch swing, she tells him that she is too strong willed to be hypnotized. Brianne goes back into trance and raises both arms out in front of her like a sleepwalker.
  • Brianne stands up, removes the rest of her clothes and sleepwalks naked through the room while she chants her mantras.
  • Brianne is brought out of trance again, still not believing she is hypnotized until she is shown her dress laying on the floor.
  • When her master snaps his fingers, her eyes roll up and she passes out into a hypnotic sleep on the floor.
  • Must go down on all fours and present her body to master.
  • Full nude.
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