Girls Gone Hypnotized

Hypnotizing the Neighbors

A man notices that two attractive sisters, Kiara and Stella, have recently moved in next door. He decides to use his skills as a hypnotist to first put Stella under his control, then make her help hypnotize her sister. Both girls end up his mindless playthings, doing whatever their master commands.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Stella is almost instantly hypnotized when she is shown a pocket watch. Her arms raise out in front of her and she follows the watch into her neighbor's apartment.
  • Her phone is taken and she is made to focus on the watch while repeating back her programming.
  • Stella must sleepwalk in circles while chanting and focusing on her mantra.
  • Stella is sat down on the couch and waits in a trance.
  • Kiara is lured into the apartment to find Stella with a blank stare on her face and unresponsive.
  • Stella is ordered to hold Kiara in place while she too is hypnotized by the pocket watch.
  • Both girls stand in a sleepwalking pose and repeat back their commands.
  • Kiara and Stella are turned into statues that can be posed as their master desires.
  • The girls' tops are adjusted to expose their bare tits. The are both fondled and groped while remaining in trance.
  • Kiara and Stella walk like zombies through the room while chanting their mantra together.
  • Made to kneel and submit to their master side by side.
  • Each girl is made to crawl towards their master and present their bare tits for fondling.
  • Both girls remain on their kneels and repeat back the phrases they are given.
  • Each put into a deep hypnotic sleep after being told to focus on the pocket watch.
  • The girls remove their tops and sleepwalk in circles repeating the word "hypnotized".
  • Kiara and Stella stand side by side while their tits are fondled.
  • They focus on the pocket watch one last time and receive their final instructions.
  • Both girls topless.
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