Girls Gone Hypnotized

I am Hypnotized... I Must Obey

Young Johnny comes over to his friend Sam's house to borrow some video games. He finds that Sam isn't there, but a toy with a seemingly mesmerizing effect is. He decides to test it out on Sam's mom, Angie, who finds it difficult to resist it's hypnotic lights, and falls susceptible to it's entrancing powers .

She snaps out of her initial trance, but is quickly put right back under - this time more deep. So deep in fact, that she is brought down to her knees and made to repeat various commands given to her, in a sleepy mesmerized tone. She is now ready to obey all of Johnny's commands, and he is ready to put her obedience to the test.

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17 minutes, 55 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized multiple times using spinning lights
  • Kneels and worships her master while repeating mantras, both clothed and fully nude
  • Made to faint while her body is manipulated and eyes checked
  • Made to remove one piece of clothing each time her master's fingers are snapped
  • Repeats many mantras, including her default one, "I am Hypnotized, I Must Obey"
  • Snapped out of trance while naked and freaks out, only to be hypnotized yet again
  • Zombie/sleepwalking scenes
  • Freezing and posing scenes
  • Made to rub her breasts together
  • Made to do jumping jacks nude
  • Becomes a whimpering dog
  • A hot simulated sex scene (no male nudity or actual sex takes place)
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720 x 480
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