Girls Gone Hypnotized

Immature Behavior

Rebecca's big brother is in town for a wedding, and the family has convinced Rebecca to let him stay with her for a couple of nights. He's 40 years old, but still acts like he's 10, poking her and teasing her relentlessly. She absolutely can't stand his behavior. This time her brother has brought a fun little toy along with him - a special remote that will bring Rebecca down to his level. Each time the remote is used, a signal is sent to her brain which makes her stand up and moon her brother. She goes into a semi-trance state and begins saying self deprecating things, and praising her brother for being smarter than her. She tells him how stupid she is while in her altered state. The remote is used to then bring Rebecca back to normal, leaving her wondering what just happened. This process repeats a few more times until he uses the remote to make his sister strip nude and crawl around the floor, sucking her thumb.

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12 minutes, 58 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Rebecca's brother uses a remote that makes her stand up, pull down her pants and moon him. She is then made to admit how low her IQ is, and how inferior she is to him.
  • She is made to say self deprecating things, and also praise her brother while in a semi-trance state.
  • The remote returns Rebecca back to her normal state. She comes out of her trance wondering why her pants are down and why she's standing up.
  • Rebecca is turned into an airhead with the remote a total of 4 times.
  • The remote is used to make Rebecca strip nude and then sit on the ground with her thumb in her mouth. She is forced to continue her self deprecating talk, saying things like "I am stupid baby" and "I can't do anything myself".
  • Forced to crawl around the floor like a baby while saying things like "I am just a stupid, simple minded baby".
  • Full nude.
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