Girls Gone Hypnotized

Kami Reprogrammed

Kami has just finished up a babysitting shift and she's ready to be paid and leave. But the dad has other plans for his babysitter. He's been working on a mind control helmet for months and now it's finally ready for testing. He puts Kami underneath the helmet and is excited to find that it's in working order. Kami's mind is erased and she is converted into a robot. Kami can only run programs now, and she's especially good at running the sexual ones.

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17 minutes, 50 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kami is incapacitated when shown a hypnotic, spinning light.
  • Wakes up with a mind control helmet placed on her head.
  • The helmet is activated and Kami's mind is wiped. She is converted into a robot and programmed to obey.
  • Kami repeats back her programming as its received.
  • Answers "yes master" when told to do something.
  • Removes the helmet and is ordered to walk in circles while repeating her mantra.
  • Changed into a blue service uniform.
  • Made to stand at attention and repeat back her commands.
  • Made to run her hands over her body in a sexual manner.
  • Put at attention and inspected by her master.
  • Becomes stiff and poseable.
  • Walks through the room and repeats her programming while running her hands over her body.
  • Kami is put into "pleasure mode". Simulated sex scene - camera on bottom. (no real sex or male nudity)
  • Full nude.
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MP4 Format
1920 x 1080
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