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Karly Falls in Love

This video was not filmed by us at GGH. It was commissioned out and recorded by the talent.

One of Karly's best friends happens to be a guy, and he has a major crush on her. But Karly never has shown any interest. But during a visit at her place, he intentionally leaves a love potion in Karly's fridge. Later during a video call, he tells Karly she can have the drink he left at her place "accidentally". She tries the drink and finds that it tastes amazing. In fact, it has an almost addictive quality and she can't stop drinking it. But the more she drinks, the more attracted to her friend she becomes. During the conversation Karly goes from just friends, to flirting, to confessing her attraction, to seduction with her feet, then finally resorts to begging. When her friend finally accepts her advances, Karly is thrilled.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Karly begins to fall in love with her friend when she is tricked into drinking a love potion.
  • The love potion tastes so good, that it is addicting. Karly can't stop sipping it throughout the conversation.
  • The more Karly drinks, the stronger her feelings of attraction toward her friend become.
  • Karly plays to his foot fetish and tries to tempt him with a foot tease.
  • She goes from just friends, to flirty, to straight forward, to seductive, then to begging. Karly is finally relieved when her friend "gives in" and tells her to come over.
  • No nudity.
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