Girls Gone Hypnotized

Katelyn Mind Controlled

Katelyn didn't change the locks when she broke up with her boyfriend. He uses his old key and lets himself inside her home. He has a new trick he wants to show her - a mystical form of hypnosis that puts Katelyn into a trance immediately with just a hand gesture. She's now a mindless slave. She follows commands and obeys without question. Katelyn is turned into her master's sex puppet and forced to suck his dick while remaining in a trance. (Simulated. No real sex or male nudity.)

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11 minutes, 31 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Katelyn's mind is controlled through a mystical hypnosis technique. Her ex boyfriend waves his hand and instantly Katelyn is in a trance.
  • Her arms and legs are manipulated through telekinesis.
  • Put to sleep with a hypnotic hand gesture, then played with while limp.
  • Given phrases to repeat in her sleep.
  • Made to walk through the room like a zombie while chanting "I am under hypnosis".
  • Must rub her bare feet into her master's lap while chanting "I am a brainwashed slave".
  • Her dress is pulled down to reveal her bare tits. Breasts groped while in a trance.
  • Must rub her master's dick with her hand, over his pants.
  • Stares blankly ahead and repeats back the phrases she is given.
  • Made to suck her master's dick under hypnosis. (Simulated. No real sex or male nudity).
  • Topless.
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Katelyn Mind ControlledKatelyn Mind ControlledKatelyn Mind ControlledKatelyn Mind ControlledKatelyn Mind ControlledKatelyn Mind ControlledKatelyn Mind Controlled

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