Girls Gone Hypnotized

Kayara Hypnotized

Kayara hires a company to detail her cars after she and her boyfriend got back from their vacation. Suddenly though, the price of the job has gone up. To get the advertised price on the website, the man informs Kayara she will have to sleep with him. She is of course disgusted and irate at such a suggestion, and tells him to leave. Anticipating this type of response, the man uses his pocket watch to hypnotize Kayara and turn her into his slave. He spends the rest of his time with her dominating her mind, and making her obey.

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16 minutes, 54 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a pocket watch. Kayara slowly falls into a hypnotic sleep and softly repeats back her programming.
  • Must answer "yes master" to commands.
  • She is snapped awake to see that she is rubbing the man's leg, with no memory of anything that happened.
  • Chants mantras in an eyes-open trance.
  • With her mind in a daze, Kayara is commanded to stand up and move her body in a sexy, sensual manner.
  • Snapped awake again, just to mess with her mind, but put back into a trance after she yells and tells him to leave her apartment.
  • Turned into a mindless zombie. Kayara walks around her apartment chanting "I am brainwashed, I must obey".
  • Kneels before her master and chants mantras while he looks her over. Focuses on the pocket watch while deepening her trance.
  • Snapped awake a third time to get her reaction to being hypnotized against her will.
  • Bends over the couch in a daze. Each time she is spanked on the ass, she chants a mantra.
  • Kayara's memory of the afternoon is erased. When she wakes out of hypnosis, she is made to find the man irresistibly attractive.
  • No nudity.
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Kayara HypnotizedKayara HypnotizedKayara HypnotizedKayara HypnotizedKayara HypnotizedKayara HypnotizedKayara Hypnotized

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