Girls Gone Hypnotized

Keeping Klaire

Klaire tries to break things off with her hypnotist boyfriend, and ditch him for a new guy. But she shouldn't have been so inconsiderate in her approach, as all that did was give him reason to use hypnosis to make her his slave. Klaire is hypnotized to think she wants to stay in this relationship and do anything her boyfriend commands.

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09 minutes, 36 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized with a pocket watch. Eyes locked on the watch while repeating her commands.
  • Chants mantras and displays the soles of her feet while sitting in a zombie pose.
  • Klaire holds the pocket watch and happily takes herself deeper into hypnosis.
  • Klaire is turned into a barefoot, sleepwalking zombie slave. She chants "master can hypnotize me whenever he wants".
  • While in a trance, Klaire repeats her programming that she is in love with her boyfriend, has no intention of breaking up, and will belong to him. When woken out of trance, Klaire acts on this hypnotic programming.
  • No nudity.
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