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Kelly's Freeze Trap

Kelly has had a long day on the road. She get to her hotel, ready to relax and watch some TV. But one of the hotel workers has modified her TV remote to freeze her in place once she tries to use it. While frozen, Kelly has no awareness of anything happening, and can be posed like a statue until she is unfrozen using one of the two special remotes. Kelly's patience and sanity are tested as she continues to unknowingly freeze herself over and over.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kelly unknowingly freezes herself with a special remote that one of the hotel staff left in her room.
  • After Kelly is frozen, the hotel worker makes his way into her room to interact with her.
  • While Kelly is frozen, she has no awareness or memory of that time. She can be placed into different positions and her clothing can be altered without her knowledge.
  • Kelly is posed in her frozen state.
  • Kelly is unfrozen by the hotel worker while he is hiding in the other room. She reacts in a confused manner until she freezes herself a second time.
  • This time the worker removes her jacked and continues posing her like a mannequin.
  • Kelly is unfrozen with her jacket removed and she becomes more concerned. She sits down to relax and freezes herself a third time.
  • Her feet are propped up by the worker and he continues to admire his statue.
  • The hotel worker plays with her frozen body again.
  • Kelly is unfrozen. She stands up and paces in a panicked state.
  • The worker reveals himself to Kelly. She jumps in fear and is frozen by the hotel worker.
  • The worker leaves Kelly in her frozen state.
  • No nudity.
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Kelly's Freeze TrapKelly's Freeze TrapKelly's Freeze TrapKelly's Freeze TrapKelly's Freeze TrapKelly's Freeze TrapKelly's Freeze Trap

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