Girls Gone Hypnotized

Kim Chi Robotized

Kim thinks she's taking part in a new VR experience. Her first clue should have been the hotel room they're meeting in, but none the less she places the helmet on her head. Soon after, her thoughts are all wiped from her mind. As long as Kim is under the helmet, she will think and behave as a robot. She follows any directive her master gives her, no matter how absurd or sexual.

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11 minutes, 23 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Brainwashed and reprogrammed with a mind control helmet.
  • Repeats her programming while in a trance and posed as a zombie.
  • Holds her top up so that her master can inspect and grope her boobs.
  • Strips off her clothing.
  • Repeats "I am programmed for pleasure" as her body is felt up.
  • Walks back and forth with her arms raised out in front of her, repeating her programming.
  • Made to give her master a foot rub and shoulder rub.
  • Forced to masturbate under the mind control helmet.
  • Dressed back in her clothes and returned back to her normal mental state with no memory of anything that happened.
  • Full nude.
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Kim Chi RobotizedKim Chi RobotizedKim Chi RobotizedKim Chi RobotizedKim Chi RobotizedKim Chi RobotizedKim Chi RobotizedKim Chi Robotized

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