Girls Gone Hypnotized

Kimi Chi and Macy Hypnotized

Kimi and Macy are reconnecting with an old friend from school. After catching up they learn that he recently quit smoking, using hypnosis and he's offered to help Macy too. The girls are a bit reluctant but agree to follow along. Before long, they are both hypnotized and in such a deep trance, they'll do anything they are told. When their friend sees how mindless and obedient they are, he can't help himself from taking advantage of the situation.

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16 minutes, 09 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kimi and Macy are both hypnotized together by a friend over a video call.
  • After they are in a trance, they are both programmed to refer to their friend as "master".
  • Kimi and Macy mindlessly strip nude at his command.
  • The girls are made to do naked jumping jacks for their master.
  • Commanded to do a sexy dance.
  • Commanded to turn around and slap themselves on the ass repeatedly.
  • Made to act like brats throwing a temper tantrum.
  • Made to do fire hydrants.
  • Must mindlessly rub their tits for their master.
  • Commanded to spank each other on the ass.
  • Must pose each other like statues, while still mindless and unaware.
  • Stare mindlessly ahead and repeat their mantras.
  • Macy thinks she is a dog.
  • Kimi is made to believe she is a cat.
  • A second round of sleepwalking while chanting mantras.
  • Full nude.
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Kimi Chi and Macy HypnotizedKimi Chi and Macy HypnotizedvKimi Chi and Macy HypnotizedKimi Chi and Macy HypnotizedKimi Chi and Macy HypnotizedKimi Chi and Macy HypnotizedKimi Chi and Macy Hypnotized

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