Girls Gone Hypnotized

Klaire Hypnotized For Her Feet

Klaire's boyfriend loves to play with her sexy naked feet, but Klaire never allows him to. She thinks it's weird and creepy. The only way he can get Klaire to agree to his requests is when she's hypnotized. He shows her a pocket watch, and as it swings before her eyes, Klaire slowly falls into a deep trance. Her face slackens and her thoughts are erased. She's focused only on her master and pleasing him. Klaire does everything she is told while under hypnosis. She obeys all of Master's commands while remaining in a mindless trance. Her feet are now under his complete control.

Full Download Details:
20 minutes, 21 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Klaire is hypnotized when her boyfriend swings a pocket watch before her eyes.
  • Klaire watches the pocket watch swing as she repeats back the programming her boyfriend gives her.
  • While in a trance, Klaire poses and shows off her bare feet for Master.
  • Sleepwalks back and forth while she mindlessly repeats her programming. Close-ups of her bare feet.
  • Stands posed as a sleepwalker as her feet are lifted and her soles are inspected.
  • Klaire kneels before her master and submits her bare feet and soles for him to touch. Repeats her mantras while doing so.
  • Places her feet in her master's lap and continues to pose and wrinkle them.
  • Klaire focuses on the swinging pocket watch while the bottoms of her feet remain in frame. She receives additional programming as the watch swings back and forth.
  • At the snap of her master's fingers, Klaire stands up and removes her clothes.
  • Klaire remains in a trance as she gives her master a foot job (simulated - no real sex, no male nudity).
  • Full nude.
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MP4 Format
1920 x 1080
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