Girls Gone Hypnotized

Klaire's New Attitude

Klaire is a doctor with a very serious and stuck up personality. She has trouble meeting men she's compatible with so she decides to give online dating a shot. After a pleasant enough lunch, she heads back to her date's home where he informs her that she is very attractive, but he doesn't like her boring personality. Klaire is appalled at his comment and prepares to leave, but her date sprays a personality altering substance in her face. After a few moments, Klaire's attitude changes to sexy, carefree, and flirtatious. She loosens up immediately and begins to remove clothing as she urges her date to play with her body. She shows off her naked figure for him as she continues to be seductive. Against her nature and true personality, Klaire initiates sex with him(simulated - no male nudity). But immediately after she climaxes, the effects of the spray wear off and Klaire is horrified at what she just did.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Klaire is sprayed with a personality altering substance. Her attitude changes from dry and boring, to carefree and  promiscuous.
  • Begins to tease by pulling up her dress and urging her date to touch her body. Eventually removing her dress entirely.
  • Shows off her body and flirts in a seductive manner.
  • Although Klaire acknowledges its out of character for her, she has sex with him on their first date. (Simulated only - no real sex or male nudity) Camera on bottom and on top.
  • After having sex, the effects of the spray immediately wear off and Klaire is horrified at what she just did. She can't believe she would do something so slutty.
  • Full nude.
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