Girls Gone Hypnotized

Koa Becomes Margaret

Koa agrees to meet her ex boyfriend at a park, just out of curiosity for what he has to say. The two of them couldn't be any more different. Koa likes the opposite of everything he likes. They have nothing in common. But her ex is going to change that with the special remote he bought. With the remote, he is able to erase Koa's personality and memories, just like it were a hard drive. He is then able to configure her new personality just the way he likes it. He turns her into "Margaret" and selects every single detail about her personality, right down to her sexual fetishes. Koa was not a good fit for him, but Margaret seems to have everything in common with him and is much more pleasant to be around.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • A special remote is used to wipe Koa's personality and memory.
  • Koa's mind is left a blank slate. Every detail about her personality, down to her childhood memories, is left open for her ex boyfriend to assign her.
  • Koa's mind operates like a computer now. Once the selections in personality are made, she restarts and the new configuration takes effect.
  • Koa is now "Margaret" and she is one a first date.
  • When Margaret starts talking about herself, it becomes apparent that she is very different than Koa, in a good way.
  • Margaret realizes that her and her date have literally everything in common. She is so comfortable that she begins talking about her sexual fetishes, which unsurprisingly, align with her date's. Margaret shares that she wants to be turned into a mindless doll.
  • The remote is used to put Margaret into a blank and empty state. Her body is put into a pose and observed.
  • Walks mindlessly into the woods and stands at attention while being posed.
  • When Margaret is woken from her trance, she is delighted to find that she has been mind controlled. Her fantasy is being completely dominated, so she asks to be put back into a blank and obedient state.
  • Margaret repeats her programming aloud, referring to herself in third person.
  • Margaret must walk like a zombie and chant her mantras over and over.
  • Put back into configuration mode so her boyfriend can choose her new accent.
  • No nudity.
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