Girls Gone Hypnotized

Koa Brainwashed

Eric's nerdy neighbor, Koa, is coming over to return a video game she borrowed from him. He quickly sets up a device that flashes hypnotic lights as it spins. When Koa arrives at his door and sees the lights, almost instantly she is mesmerized by them, and instinctively kneels before the device. Koa is brainwashed by Eric and made to believe that she is his robot. She thinks that she is a machine, capable of only running programs. Her mission is to please her master.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Koa is brainwashed when she sees hypnotic lights flashing and spinning.
  • Koa kneels before the lights and is hypnotized into believing she is a robot. She stares blankly ahead as she repeats her programming aloud.
  • Koa believes that she must respond to commands through a remote control. When her master presses buttons on the remote, her body must move in the desired way.
  • Koa is made to think she is in cleaning mode. Begins to clean her master's home.
  • Koa is made to sleepwalk to various points in the room, controlled through the remote.
  • Shakes herself out of trance. Confused and unaware of what's happened. The hypnotic lights are activated and Koa goes back into her trance with little effort.
  • Koa is put into Leg and Foot Display Mode. She poses her legs and feet in various ways for her master.
  • Koa is put into Inspection Mode, where she can be looked over and repositioned to her master's desire. She repeats her programming while in this mode.
  • No nudity.
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