Girls Gone Hypnotized

Koa Can't Resist

Koa is cab driver making her last stop for the afternoon. The guy she thinks she's going to be driving to the airport has other plans for her though. He uses a gold pocket watch to hypnotize Koa and make her his slave. She obediently offers her car to her master and takes her seat on the passenger side. Koa remains in a mindless state while obeying her master's commands. She is forced to go on a "date" with her new master, where she dances for him and recites her mantras of obedience. After she is taken even deeper into hypnosis, Koa is made to forget she was ever hypnotized, and now believes that she is in fact the passenger needing a ride back to Master's home.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Koa is hypnotized with a gold pocket watch.
  • Goes into a trance and repeats her programming with a blank face.
  • Answers "yes master" when obeying commands.
  • Koa is forced out of the car and into the passenger seat. Her master takes control of her vehicle and drives her to another location.
  • Koa and Master go on their "first date". He takes her to the park and makes her recite her programming to him.
  • While remaining in a deep trance, Koa is made to dance for her master.
  • Made to sleepwalk back and forth on the basketball court while chanting her mantras.
  • Back in the car, Koa thanks her master for the wonderful date, then goes deeper into hypnosis while fixating on the swinging pocket watch.
  • Arms are raised into a sleepwalking positing as she repeats the phrase "I am under hypnosis".
  • Dropped into a deep hypnotic sleep.
  • Koa's memory is erased and she is made to believe that she is now the passenger who has called for a cab.
  • No nudity.
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