Girls Gone Hypnotized

Koa's Third Hypnosis Session

This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Koa's third time being hypnotized. The entire session was captured from two separate camera angles. The editing has been kept to a minimum to allow the viewer to experience the session from beginning to end.

Koa is back to be hypnotized for the 3rd time by our returning hypnotist, RHLOVER. The entire session was conducted online through the webcam, with Koa being guided into trance by the hypnotist, through visualization and relaxation techniques.  I, of course, was in the room with her, filming and interacting as needed.  Koa has responded extremely well to hypnosis the past two times we've worked with her, and she appears to keep responding better each consecutive time.

In addition to the always present "yes masters" and mindless obedience, RHLOVER explores some more imaginative ground with Koa this time, making her believe she is a flirty bimbo, getting her to think that she is invisible to the hypnotist and myself, making Koa feel as if her wrists and ankles are bound by ropes, and thinking the session has ended early, leaving Koa wanting to be hypnotized again desperately.

Koa, of course, responds amazingly to all of the suggestions and commands, and after the session, all hypnotic triggers are removed, as Koa is brought completely out of hypnosis. The three of us then briefly discuss the session in a follow-up interview.

**A separate sleepy/knock out scene from this same session can be found here. The knock out segment is not included in this version. The first 12 minutes of this version are identical to the first 12 minutes of Koa's Hypnosis Knock Out.**

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01 hour, 13 minutes
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Pre-induction talk
  • Taken into a deep relaxation and guided into trance by hypnotist's voice and visualization
  • Given a sleep trigger that returns her to trance at any time
  • Taken through obedience training.
  • Made to see the hypnotist and myself as her masters, replying "yes master" when spoken to
  • Sits in a sleepwalking pose while repeating and believing her mantras
  • Made to bark each time her master snaps his fingers
  • Made to stand posed as a sleepwalker and chant the word "hypnotized"
  • Made to demonstrate her martial arts abilities while under hypnosis
  • Becomes a ditzy, flirty bimbo
  • Made to think she is a prude and that hypnosis isn't real, even though she is still obeying commands
  • Made to feel as if her ankles and wrists are bound with rope
  • Made to think she is invisible to us
  • Being shot with the toy ray gun makes her submissive
  • Made to pose in a salute and repeat the phrase, "I am ready and I am willing"
  • Made to pose as a sleepwalker and repeat mantras
  • Made to kneel and stare into the camera lens while repeating mantras
  • Made to bark on command
  • Made to think the shoot is over, but desperate to continue, begging to be hypnotized
  • Triggers removed and brought completely out of hypnosis
  • Explains how it felt being hypnotized and what the experience was like in a follow-up interview
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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