Girls Gone Hypnotized

Kody Mesmerized by Kaa

Kody is having a zoom meeting with her boss, who only really hired her because she is hot and looks amazing in pantyhose and heels. During the meeting, he uses an image of one his old favorite cartoon characters from his childhood to hypnotize Kody, and make her show off her legs and feet to him.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Kody is hypnotized by an image of Kaa on her computer screen. The circles in Kaa's eyes can soon be seen in Kody's, as her boss programs her mesmerized mind. Music plays as Kody falls under Kaa's spell.
  • Kody repeats her programming while in a trance.
  • Kody calls her boss "master" throughout the call.
  • Kody is commanded to remove her heels and show off her legs and feet in pantyhose. She remains in a trance and recites her mantras.
  • Commanded to walk like a zombie in her pantyhose, chanting mantras while walking.
  • Made to approach the camera and show off her pantyhosed feet close up.
  • Kody is ordered to remove her pantyhose and walk barefoot like a zombie, back and forth while chanting her mantras.
  • Ordered to remove her panties and dance in her skirt.
  • Told to put her pantyhose over her head, then snapped awake.
  • When Kody gets angry at her boss, he uses the video of Kaa to hypnotize her once again. Colored circles pulse in Kody's eyes as she falls back under Kaa's spell.
  • Kody is instructed to bend forward and twerk with no panties on.
  • Chants mantras while sniffing her pantyhose.
  • Made to smell her worn panties.
  • Made to sleepwalk in her heels.
  • When Kody wakes up, she is angry and embarrassed that she is wearing no panties. She has no explanation for her behavior.
  • Bottomless nudity.
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Kody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by KaaKody Mesmerized by Kaa

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