Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lilah Rose Hypnotized

Lilah is confronted by a kid's angry father regarding a fight at school with her daughter. The argument gets heated and the kid's dad decides to turn this bitchy housewife into an obedient little sex slave. Lilah gets hypnotized by him, and while in trance, obeys every command her master gives her.

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14 minutes, 56 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch. Her eyes roll up and she falls into a hypnotic sleep.
  • Repeats back her instructions in a sleepy voice throughout the induction.
  • Must answer "yes master" when given commands.
  • Lilah is made to open her vacant eyes and apologize for her disrespectful remarks.
  • Stands in a trance, empty and unaware as she awaits her master's next instructions.
  • Lilah sleepwalks in circles while chanting the same mantra over and over. Her mind is blank and she has no thoughts of her own.
  • Made to go down on her knees while her boobs are rubbed by her master.
  • Snapped out of her trance. Lilah becomes extremely mad that he is in her house and refuses to leave.
  • Lilah is snapped back into trance. She goes blank and empty and begins to worship her master on her knees, as she is instructed to.
  • Lilah stands up and is turned into a poseable statue. Her body is repositioned as her master sees fit.
  • Made to remove her dress, then her bra.
  • Must sleepwalk in circles as she repeats her mantra, wearing only her shoes and panties.
  • Kneels in front of her master and repeats "I am your sex doll, master" as her breasts are fondled.
  • Simulated handjob scene. Remains in trance throughout. (no real sex, no male nudity).
  • Topless nudity.
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