Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lilith Programmed for Pleasure

Lilith is too caught up in her own world to even acknowledge when her roommate is speaking to her anymore. In fact, over the last several weeks it's become increasingly worse. He's made his mind up that Lilith would be better suited as a machine than a companion of any type. He hypnotizes Lilith and makes her think and behave as a robot. Lilith believes that she is made of metal and wires, and that her brain is actually a computer. She slips into a sexy, blue service uniform and carries out her programming. Lilith's memories are wiped clean and her personality is completely removed.

Full Download Details:
16 minutes, 54 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Lilith is hypnotized by a pocket watch
  • Slowly falls into a hypnotic sleep and receives her instructions
  • Stares off in an eyes-open trance as she is told to think and behave as a robot. Repeats back her programming as it's given to her.
  • Made to change into a sexy, blue service uniform
  • Stands at attention while inspected by her owner
  • Refers to herself as a unit
  • Walks throughout the room while repeating her mission statement
  • Given additional programming for her new life as a robot
  • Put into display mode - changes poses each time her master snaps his fingers
  • Kneels before her master and repeats her programming
  • Put into entertainment mode - made to dance for her master
  • Made to sleepwalk through the room while repeating her mantra
  • Put into statue mode - poseable like a mannequin
  • Sits in standby mode ready to receive her commands
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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