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Lily Hypnotized 4

Lily is staying at a hotel when a staff member unlocks her door and lets himself inside. He tells Lily that she is about to become part of the team there, and then holds a crystal to her eyes. Lily becomes hypnotized and does whatever she is told. The worker takes a special interest in Lily's feet, and realizes that she will be suitable for future hotel guests with a foot fetish. She is given a service apron to change into and then her training as a hotel attendant begins. Her job duties go beyond simple housekeeping though.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a spinning crystal.
  • A sleepy smile comes to her face as she drifts off into a trance.
  • Lily is made to refer to him as "master"
  • Lily's body is inspected while she remains asleep.
  • Shoes removed, and feet examined and played with.
  • Walks barefoot for her master.
  • Repeats back her commands in a sleepy voice.
  • Changes into a service apron.
  • Performs task such as massages and house keeping.
  • Frozen and posed.
  • Put to sleep, body played with while limp.
  • Foot play while asleep.
  • Sleepwalking scene.
  • Draws a bath for her master.
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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