Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lily Taken From the Mall

A pretty, blonde girl is stalked at the mall and eventually kidnapped using a mind-controlling remote. Lily's mind is stripped of her own free will and she can only follow her programming. She is lead out of the mall and into her kidnapper's car where she is forced to display her bare feet and repeat back erotic mantras for her master. She is driven to a park so she can model her body for him and receive a more permanent programming.

Full Download Details:
16 minutes, 13 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Converted instantly into a robot using a remote. Her face goes blank and she begins reciting her programming.
  • Answers "yes master".
  • Obediently leaves the mall with her master and gets in his car.
  • When she is returned to her normal state of mind, she is told that if she removes her shoes, he will let her go.
  • Lily becomes a robot again and is made to display her feet on the dash.
  • Taken away from the mall and brought to a park.
  • Lily is positioned in a sleepwalking pose while she repeats her programming. Her body is moved into different positions.
  • Lily is programmed to show off various modeling poses at the park.
  • Lily is lead down a path, sleepwalking and chanting mantras the whole way.
  • Programmed to be his slave forever.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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