Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lily and Kiara Robotized

Lily's brother has been designing a mind control helmet, and he plans to test it on their friend Kiara. Curiosity gets the better of Lily though, and she puts it on her head after her brother steps out. The helmet converts Lily into a robot and wipes away all of her thoughts and memories, leaving her a completely obedient slave. When her brother comes home and finds what has happened, he decides to keep his sister as his mind controlled servant, and uses her to convert and program Kiara as well.

Kiara stops by as previously planned, and tries to snap Lily out of her current state. Spirals begin spinning in Lily's eyes and Kiara becomes hypnotized. She obediently sits under the mind control helmet as Lily leads her through her conversion process. Now both girls are obedient, little robots capable only of executing programs.

Full Download Details:
13 minutes, 44 seconds
Only $10.99

Key highlights of video include:
  • Lily converted into a robot with a mind control helmet
  • Repeats her programming through conversion
  • Lily hypnotizes Kiara with her eyes; spirals in both of the girls' eyes
  • Kiara converted into a robot with the mind control helmet
  • Kiara repeats her programming through conversion
  • Both girls are made to wear service uniforms
  • Both girls are put into cleaning mode simultaneously
  • Both girls must walk through the room while repeating their mantras
  • Both girls are put into storage mode
  • Barefoot
  • No nudity
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Total size is 523 MB
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