Girls Gone Hypnotized

Love Ray - Tiffani

Tiffani is scared to stay home alone while her husband is away on business, so she asks their friend to spend the night. Her friend sees this as the perfect opportunity to test out his new Love Ray on Tiffani. He knows that she doesn't find him attractive, and would never cheat on her husband. He shoots her with the ray and her face goes blank. Several seconds later, Tiffani comes back to life with a new attitude and extremely aroused. She now finds her friend irresistible and will do everything she can to seduce him.

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06 minutes, 46 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Tiffani's attraction level is greatly increased when her friend shoots her with a "love ray".
  • Tiffani becomes extremely aroused and tries to seduce her husband's friend.
  • She tells him that she's always been attracted to him, but could never say it before.
  • Strips off her clothes as she becomes increasingly aroused.
  • Tiffani becomes more and more aggressive until she gets what she wants.
  • Full nude.
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1920 x 1080
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