Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lucy Frozen and Controlled

Lucy is on a business trip and brought along her husband, though clearly she doesn't really want him there. She's too stuck up and snobby to let loose and have fun these days. Lucky for him, he brought with him a nice little toy that can freeze her in place, and even control her mind. Lucy may lose her job when she misses this important meeting, but that just means more time at home to be her husband's toy.

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15 minutes, 14 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • A magic gun is used to freeze Lucy in place. While frozen, she can be posed like a mannequin. When unfrozen, she has no memory of what just happened while she was frozen.
  • Frozen and unfrozen multiple times throughout. Becomes increasingly frustrated as her body positions are changing and her clothes are being manipulated.
  • Put into slow motion using a setting on the gun.
  • Lucy's mind is controlled using a setting on the gun. She is made to walk like a zombie while chanting "I am controlled".
  • Returned back to normal briefly and becomes angry that she can't get out the door for her meeting. She is shot with a new setting on the gun and instantly begins stripping with a smile on her face.
  • Brought back to normal when she's naked. She becomes upset, but is frozen by the gun.
  • Put into a blank, obedient state. Chants "you command, I obey" while posed like a zombie.
  • Made to sleepwalk back and forth wearing nothing but her heels. Chants her mantra throughout.
  • Posed on the chair as a decoration, naked and with a smile on her face.
  • Full nude.
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