Girls Gone Hypnotized

Lucy and Raven Get Hypnotized

Lucy and Raven have a landlord who has an obsession with their feet. He's always finding a reason to come over and bother them. Today they call him out on his behavior and try to push him out the door. Instead he locks the door and shows them a crystal. As it swings back and forth, the girls become completely hypnotized by it. They are now both his to control. By the end of his visit, Lucy and Raven are naked and making out with each other.

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28 minutes, 20 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Both girls are hypnotized at the same time by a crystal
  • Repeat back their commands throughout the induction
  • Made to see the hypnotist as their master
  • The girls are put into a hypnotic sleep and continue to receive programming
  • Lucy is woken up and made to remove her shoes and socks, remaining in a trance
  • Raven is woken up and made to rub Lucy's bare feet while remaining in a trance
  • Both girls sleepwalk through the room together
  • Lucy is made to remove her clothes while Raven stands by in a trance
  • Raven is put to sleep standing up while Lucy's bare chest is felt up
  • Raven is allowed to come out of hypnosis to see Lucy, naked and hypnotized, sitting on the couch
  • Raven tries to wake Lucy up, but instead gets hypnotized by a pocket watch dangling from Lucy's toes
  • Raven removes all of her clothes and is felt up by her master while remaining in a trance
  • Both girls sleepwalk and repeat their mantra at the same time
  • Both girls are made to mindlessly kiss and feel each other up
  • Full nude
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HD Quality Version
MP4 Format
1920 x 1080
Total size is 1.05 GB
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