Girls Gone Hypnotized

Madna Mesmerized

Madna just had lunch with an out-of-town business associate she met in person for the first time today. Back at her hotel room, she makes some small talk before preparing for their upcoming meeting. But her associate has something else besides business on his mind. He begins to hypnotize her with a pocket watch. She laughs at first but soon gives in and goes into a deep state of hypnosis. Madna is told to address him as "master" from now on, and mindlessly follow all of his commands. Unfortunately this will be a business meeting Madna won't remember.

Full Download Details:
17 minutes, 02 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Swinging watch induction. Repeats commands while focusing on the watch. (2)
  • "Yes, master" dialogue.
  • Sleepwalking/zombie-walking scenes. (2)
  • Repeats various mantras while in trance.
  • Foot fetish scene. Removes sandals and rubs her feet and legs while chanting her mantras. Close-ups of feet and soles.
  • Limp body is played with while in a hypnotic sleep.
  • Chest groped.
  • Placed into various positions like a mannequin.
  • Leans on the bed and sticks out her butt. Her butt is felt up while she repeats her mantras.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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