Girls Gone Hypnotized

Maria Hypnotized For Her Feet

Maria's little brother Kevin has been working with a friend on a science project for school. It's a light device that induces trance. His friend comes to their house to pick it up, but when he finds out that Kevin isn't home, he realizes his opportunity to use it on Maria. He's always had a crush on Maria, and in particular, Maria's sexy feet. He hypnotizes the beautiful blonde and turns her into his barefoot slave. Maria mindlessly obeys his commands and shows off her pretty feet for him without any hesitation.

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13 minutes, 51 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Maria is hypnotized by spinning lights.
  • Must answer "yes master" when giving an order.
  • Repeats back her commands through induction.
  • Sits in a sleepwalker pose while repeating her mantra as she is looked over.
  • Put into a hypnotic sleep at the snap of his fingers.
  • Forced to remove her shoes and pose her bare feet for her master, while remaining in a trance.
  • Made to walk barefoot through the room while repeating "I enjoy showing off my feet for my master". Close-ups of feet while walking.
  • Stands posed in a trance and on display for her master.
  • Made to sit on the couch and rub her bare feet against her legs, while arms are held in a sleepwalking pose. Repeats her mantra throughout.
  • Put into a hypnotic sleep at the snap of his fingers while her feet are played with.
  • Made to kneel and worship her master, repeating her mantra each time she bows down to the floor.
  • Brought out of trance, but left with the post hypnotic suggestion that she likes being barefoot and having her feet played with.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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