Girls Gone Hypnotized

Mia Hears a Lullaby

Mia gets a call from a telemarketer and instead of hanging up, she gets rude with him. But he's been doing this a long time and has ways of dealing with snobby little girls who talk down to him. He plays her a hypnotic lullaby and she quickly falls under his control. He teaches Mia how to behave and be nice to people. Mia calls him "master" and does everything he says, while her mind remains blank and empty.

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16 minutes, 20 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mia is entranced by a hypnotic lullaby played over the phone. She stares off in a trance upon hearing it.
  • Mia gets back on the phone and is triggered back into a trance. She repeats back the programming she receives from the other end of the call.
  • Must reply "yes master".
  • Mia instinctively stands up and sleepwalks through the room in a trance. She chants erotic mantras while sleepwalking.
  • As punishment for being rude, Mia is commanded to slap herself repeatedly on the ass and say that she will be a good girl.
  • Told to strip nude and take naked selfies for her master.
  • Mia submits completely. She goes to her knees and bows down to the floor repeatedly, chanting her mantras.
  • Mia is ordered to sleepwalk nude while repeating erotic mantras and phrases.
  • Stands at attention, nude and completely hypnotized, and repeats the programming she receives over the phone.
  • Mia remains in trance after the phone call has ended.
  • Full nude.
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Mia Hears a LullabyMia Hears a LullabyMia Hears a LullabyMia Hears a LullabyMia Hears a LullabyMia Hears a LullabyMia Hears a Lullaby

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