Girls Gone Hypnotized

Mickee's Brainwashing

Mickee gets an unpleasant visitation from one of her dad's friends. He pushes himself through her door and knocks her onto the couch. They met at a barbecue last weekend and he hasn't been able to get Mickee out or his mind. He wants to see Mickee's bare feet, and he wants her to pose for him. She goes along with what he says, for fear of being hurt. But eventually she makes a break for the door. He grabs Mickee and throws her back onto the couch. Now its time for his backup plan. He makes Mickee wear a VR headset with a brainwashing program loaded up. She stares into the spirals inside the headset as they take her deeper and deeper. Mickee gets hypnotized and programmed as his slave. Now it's time to have some fun with his slave, and program her with a trigger word so he can control her anytime he wants.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • A man Mickee recognizes as her dad's friend pushes his way into her home. He demands that she remove her shoes and show off her bare feet to him.
  • Mickee then agrees to model poses for him, as long as he doesn't hurt her.
  • She tries to make a run for the door, but she is caught and shoved back onto the couch.
  • Mickee is told to put on a VR headset and watch the video that plays.
  • Mickee sees two spirals in her headset. Slowly she falls into a trance and the brainwashing begins.
  • Mickee is programmed as a slave. She is told to remove her clothes during the brainwashing process. Mickee repeats back all of her programming.
  • The headset is removed once Mickee is fully brainwashed. She is made to crawl on the ground and chant "I am inferior to you, master".
  • Mickee is brought out of trance a few times, to see that she is naked and doesn't remember what happened. In between being brought out of trance, Mickee is made to believe she is a dog seeking it's master's approval,a pig scavenging for food, and a monkey.
  • Mickee is turned into a foot rest and a rug.
  • Mickee is brought out of trance one more time, right before being turned into a mindless sleepwalker chanting "I will do what you say".
  • Mickee is put in the VR headset once again. With her legs spread open, she receives her final programming. She is made to forget all that has happened. She is given a trigger word to put her back into trance at any time.
  • Full nude.
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