Girls Gone Hypnotized

Mind Control Drug - Alisha

Alisha's boyfriend is certain she is cheating on him. She denies this, of course, though her actions are suspicious. She's become a little bitch over the last several months and it's time for a change. Her boyfriend slips a mind control drug into her drink. As the drug begins to take effect, Alisha feels loopy and loses her ability to lie. Under the effects of the drug, she confesses that she is in fact cheating on him. As the drug continues to work, Alisha goes into a trance-like state and has to do whatever she's told. Her boyfriend dresses her in a sexy harness and puts a dog leash on her. She's pulled around the room and treated like the bitch she is. She must now call him "master" and do anything he says. Alisha has her hair pulled, is choked and spanked as part of her punishment. She must now bring her master sexual pleasure and is programmed to never cheat again.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • A mind control drug is slipped into Alisha's drink.
  • As the drug begins to take effect, Alisha is first very loopy and loses her ability to lie. She is made to tell the truth about her affair.
  • She is pulled to her feet and stands in a daze while her boyfriend gropes her and handles her roughly.
  • As the drug continues to work, Alisha realizes she has to do anything she is told.
  • She is made to call her boyfriend "master".
  • Alisha repeats back all the commands her master gives her. She then removes her shirt.
  • Put on the couch with her legs spread and felt up by her master.
  • Made to admit that she is an unfaithful whore and a dirty slut. Programmed to never cheat on her boyfriend again.
  • Laid on her stomach. Her ass is played with while she chants various mantras, still in a daze from the drug.
  • Must dance for her master while chanting "I am a dirty slut" and "I am an unfaithful whore".
  • Alisha is put into a sexy harness and made to stagger around the room while chanting a mantra.
  • Alisha is walked on all fours with a dog leash. Her hair is pulled. She tells her master that she will be a good girl.
  • Spanked on the ass.
  • Made to rub her master's dick while her grabs her throat and hair, and pulls her by her leash.
  • Alisha is made to fuck her master while under the effects of the drug. Pulled by her hair and choked. Simulated sex scene - camera on bottom. (no real sex or male nudity)
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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