Girls Gone Hypnotized

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Eden is meeting with a business investor to try and bring her new makeup line to market. But the investor has no interest in launching her line after meeting with her. He does, however, see a use for her as his personal servant. He uses his skills as a hypnotist to put Eden into a trance and program her to follow his every command, no matter how degrading it may be.

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17 minutes, 49 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Eden gets hypnotized when made to focus on a swinging pocket watch.
  • Her eyes roll up when she goes into a trance, and she repeats back the commands she is given.
  • Made to reply "yes master" to commands she receives.
  • Turned into a mindless sleepwalker. Chants various mantras as she walks around the room in a daze.
  • Made to forget all about her silly makeup line. Programmed to want only to bring her master satisfaction.
  • Made to give her master a foot rub.
  • Made to show off her body in various poses for her master.
  • Must crawl around on all fours for her master.
  • Must entertain her master by dancing for him.
  • Commanded to sleepwalk through the room and repeat her programming.
  • Focuses on the pocket watch again to reinforce her hypnotic programming.
  • Brought out of trance with her new mentality.
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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