Girls Gone Hypnotized

Nyla Hypnotized

Nyla comes to visit her friend Amelia, but to her surprise, when she gets there she finds Amelia's ex boyfriend on her couch. Amelia is standing against the wall, topless, and unresponsive to anything Nyla is saying to her. Amelia's boyfriend grabs Nyla and holds a pretty necklace up to her eyes. He gently swings it back and forth. Nyla begins to realize now that Amelia has been hypnotized by him, but for Nyla, it's also too late. She falls under it's spell and now she too is his hypnotized slave.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Amelia has been hypnotized off camera, and begins the scene already in a trance.
  • Nyla is hypnotized with a necklace.
  • Nyla goes into a trance and repeats back her commands through her induction.
  • Nyla is forced to kneel before her master and repeat the phrases and mantras he gives her while Amelia stands by still in a trance.
  • Nyla is made to sleepwalk though the room while Amelia remains in a standing trance.
  • Nyla becomes stiff and poseable like a mannequin. Placed in different positions.
  • Both girls must kneel before their master together, and repeat their commands.
  • Nyla's bare chest is felt up by her master.
  • The girls must turn and face each other on their knees. Amelia rubs Nyla's chest as they both repeat "we are completely hypnotized".
  • Both girls must sleepwalk in circles together while repeating "we follow and obey".
  • Virtual simulated handjob scene. Nyla must jerk off her master while Amelia is forced to watch. (no real sex, no male nudity)
  • Both girls - topless.
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