Girls Gone Hypnotized

Nyla's Hypnosis Footjob

It's the weekend and all Nyla can think about is going to the mall and getting her nails done, and other similarly boring things. Her boyfriend finds a hypnotic lullaby on the Internet to play for her, to put her troubled mind to rest. Nyla's thoughts about nonsense soon fade away until her mind is empty. She can't think of anything except obeying her master. Her master wants her to jerk him off with her bare feet and Nyla does as he commands.

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19 minutes, 38 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Nyla is mesmerized by a hypnotic lullaby. She slowly drifts into a deep sleep.
  • Even while asleep, Nyla is highly focused on her master's voice and responds to his commands.
  • Answers "yes master" when given commands.
  • Her limp body is groped and played with.
  • Nyla's socks are removed while asleep.
  • Pulled to a seated position and put into a sleepwalking pose. Repeats her mantra.
  • Woken up briefly and has no idea she is hypnotized. With a snap of his fingers, Nyla is put back to sleep.
  • Sits up and begins to rub her master's dick. Stares off into nothing and chants her mantra.
  • Pulled to her feet and her shirt is lifted to reveal her bra.
  • Made to sleepwalk in circles while repeating "I listen and I obey"
  • Goes to her hands and knees. Her master grabs her ass while she remains in trance.
  • Must crawl around the room and repeat "I submit to my master".
  • Put into a hypnotic sleep and briefly fondled. Made to rub her master's dick again while chanting her mantra.
  • Must remove her top and bra, then kneel in front of her master as he gropes her bare tits.
  • She rubs his dick while chanting her mantra and remaining on her knees.
  • Must jerk off her master with her bare feet while she remains in a trance. (warning - male nudity)
  • Topless nudity.
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