Girls Gone Hypnotized

Olivia Becomes a Slave

Olivia is taken advantage of by one of her guy friends. He bought a special remote that can control her mind, making her a poseable statue and also turning her into a mindless slave. Olivia can't figure out why she keeps ending up missing clothes, but soon she won't have to worry about thinking at all.

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22 minutes, 26 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • A special remote is used to put Olivia in a trance. She stands up and becomes a poseable mannequin. Her body is repositioned.
  • Clothes are altered while frozen. Bare chest fondled.
  • Olivia is returned to her normal state for a moment, only to be turned back into a mannequin again. Repositoned, shirt and glasses removed.
  • Put into "sleepwalking mode". Strips to her panties and walks back and forth while chanting "I serve and I obey".
  • Made to answer "yes master" when obeying commands.
  • Made to change into a blue service uniform.
  • Made to behave as a ballet dancer.
  • Kneels before her master and chants her mantra.
  • Hypnotized using a pocket watch. Follows the watch with her eyes and repeats back her commands.
  • Sleepwalks in circles while chanting her mantra.
  • Must put her legs and feet into an erotic pose and chant "I am your hypnotized slave".
  • Strips out of her uniform and climbs on her master's lap. Simulated sex scene - camera on bottom. (no real sex or male nudity)
  • Topless, nude down to panties.
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