Girls Gone Hypnotized

Olivia Controlled

Olivia arrives to pick up her friend and take her to a end-of-summer pool party. Her friend's brother answers the door and tells Olivia that she hasn't returned home yet, but he invites her inside to wait. Knowing he has Olivia all to himself for a while, he holds up a pretty necklace and tells her to keep her eyes on locked on it. He hypnotizes Olivia with the necklace and turns her into a mindless drone. Then he sees how far he can push his little slave.

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18 minutes, 44 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Olivia is hypnotized by a swinging necklace.
  • She is put into a hypnotic sleep. Repeats back her commands while her limp body is played with.
  • Refers to him as "master".
  • Made to act like an excited little puppy.
  • Instantly drops to the floor asleep when the hypnotist snaps his fingers.
  • Made to strip down to her bikini and go into a pose. Looked over and admired.
  • Put into a sleepwalking pose and made to repeat commands.
  • When brought out of trance, she is made to act flirty and seductive.
  • Starts to have second thoughts about being with her friend's brother so she starts to back off. Put into a hypnotic sleep. Felt up while in trance.
  • Made to remove her shoes and bikini top and sleepwalk back and forth through the room. Repeats her mantra.
  • While still in a trance, made to approach her master and run her hands over her body in a seductive manner.
  • Simulated sex scene while still entranced - camera on bottom (no real sex or male nudity).
  • Barefoot.
  • Topless.
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