Girls Gone Hypnotized


Lily is the youngest of three sisters and always gets picked on by the other two. Penny and Karly are home on vacation to visit the family, and to make fun of Lily for still living at home. Lily tries to assure them that she is making plans for the future by going to college and working part time. When Lily's sisters find out she's studying hypnosis at college, they burst into laughter and belittle her for her silly dreams. But the obnoxious pair soon find themselves going into trance and totally under Lily's control. Lily turns Penny and Karly into her two mindless drones, ready to follow and obey without hesitation. Now Lily will get payback for all the years of torture.

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15 minutes, 15 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Penny and Karly get hypnotized by Lily. They both fall slowly into a trance as Lily swings a pocket watch before their eyes.
  • Both girls repeat back Lily's commands as they stare blankly ahead.
  • To prove how deeply hypnotized her sisters are, Lily makes them both sleepwalk in circles around the coffee table as they chant their mantra over and over.
  • Lily turns Penny and Karly into poseable mannequins. She poses both of them, then makes them take turns posing each other.
  • Karly believes she is a cat, while Penny is made to act like a dog.
  • Penny and Karly are made to rub their sister's back and massage her hands, all while remaining mindless drones.
  • The girls are brought out of trance, not realizing they've been hypnotized. They're left with no memory of the event, but have an odd desire to refer to themselves as "bitches".
  • Barefoot.
  • No nudity.
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