Girls Gone Hypnotized

Pet Nicole

Nicole shows up to get her dog from her ex husband. They are newly divorced and are sharing custody of the pet. But her ex wants Nicole to be his new pet. He hypnotizes her with a phone app and programs her to be his dog. Nicole behaves as a dog and follows his commands. She is now loyal to her master, for as long as she remains in hypnosis.

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18 minutes, 01 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a spiral. Nicole repeats her programming through the induction.
  • Chants mantras while felt up in a trance.
  • Made to refer to her ex husband as "master".
  • Sleepwalks through the room with her tits out while chanting mantras (2 times)
  • Nicole now believes that she is a dog. She barks, whines, drinks from a bowl, plays fetch, wants scratches, humps the couch,
  • Snapped out of trance and back to dog.
  • Nicole wants her master's bone. Pants and whines while playing with her master's dick.
  • Stands in a trance and plays with her tits while repeating her programming.
  • Plays with her master's dick while in a trance, chanting mantras and starring into the spiral.
  • Rides on her master's lap, mindless and chanting mantras. When he snaps his fingers, Nicole pants like a dog.
  • Nicole gives her ex husband a handjob under hypnosis. She chants mantras and rolls her eyes while jerking him off, completely unaware of what she is doing. Warning male nudity.
  • Snapped out of hypnosis and leaves frustrated.
  • Topless nudity.
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