Girls Gone Hypnotized

Phoenix Obeys Daddy

Phoenix's stepdad doesn't like her continuous disrespect, or the fact that she doesn't have her priorities straight. It's time to train the bratty stepdaughter to follow the rules of the house, and to always make sure Daddy feels appreciated and satisfied.

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09 minutes, 51 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Mesmerized with a spiral.
  • Repeats her programming while in a trance and felt up.
  • Repeats mantras such as "I'm a good girl" and "Daddy knows best".
  • Limp body played with while in a hypnotic sleep.
  • Rubs her master's dick while on her knees (over the pants). Chants mantras such as "Daddy has me mesmerized".
  • Chants "bratty is bad" as she walks like a zombie.
  • Spirals spin in her eyes.
  • Programmed to love older men. Chants mantras while rubbing her master's dick with her socked feet. (Over the pants)
  • Phoenix's socks are removed and she continues to rub her daddy's dick with her bare feet.
  • Gives Daddy a foot job while in a trance, chanting mantras. (Simulated only. No real sex or male nudity.)
  • No nudity.
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Phoenix Obeys DaddyPhoenix Obeys DaddyPhoenix Obeys DaddyPhoenix Obeys DaddyPhoenix Obeys DaddyPhoenix Obeys DaddyPhoenix Obeys Daddy

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