Girls Gone Hypnotized

Pleasure Appliance

A man has arrived at his vacation rental to find the owner has left him an amazing gift as promised - a woman converted into an unquestioning sex slave. Klaire was a previous guest, but the owner found her suitable for conversion, so he brainwashed her using hypnosis and a mind control chip placed on her forehead. Klaire now spends her days serving and pleasing the male clients at the vacation property. She greets her current guest with a brief introduction and hands him a remote that controls her actions. The man begins his stay by receiving a massage and having his slave disrobe so he can admire her naked body. But halfway through, the fun is interuppted when the mind control chip malfunctions and Klaire returns to normal. Thankfully the owner was prepared for something like this, and gave his guest a pocket watch that Klarie will surely remember from her brainwashing. After being shown the watch, Klaire remembers her place as a slave, and she is again ready to serve and obey. She uses her body to bring pleasure to her master's.

Full Download Details:
10 minutes, 25 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Klaire stands at attention and ready to serve, already previously programmed by a mind control chip on her forehead
  • Klaire receives commands through a remote control, which she obeys without question
  • Klaire gives her master a foot and hand massage
  • Made to bring her master a drink, then disrobe and display her nude body to him
  • Klaire invites her master to touch and rub her naked body
  • Mind control chip malfunctions so Klaire must be reconditioned through hypnosis using a pocket watch
  • Klaire remembers the pocket watch from her initial brainwashing and slips into trance easily
  • Klarie is again ready to serve and allows her master to feel up her naked body
  • With a press of the remote, Klaire pulls her master onto the ground and climbs on top of him saying, "It is time to use my body to pleasure yours"
  • Simulated sex scene - camera on bottom (no male nudity, no real sex)
  • Full nude
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Total size is 396 MB
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