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Rachel Loses Control

Rachel's ex husband has a magic remote control that can control her body. Her mind is aware of what is happening to her, but she is unable to stop her body from doing what her ex husband programs her to do. Rachel fights the control the entire time so when he's tired of listening to her mouth, a snap of the fingers makes her blank and mindless. When Rachel thought she'd come to his house and yell at him in person for not spending time with their kids, she never imagined that she'd be naked on his lap and obeying his commands.

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13 minutes, 32 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Rachel's body is controlled with a remote control.
  • Rachel retains her ability to think and speak, but she cannot help but climb on her ex husbands lap and let him fondle her body. Fighting the control the entire time.
  • When he snaps his fingers, Rachel stops complaining and goes mindless, allowing him to do as he pleases to her.
  • Rachel is returned back to normal when the remote is used the following time. Rachel tries to escape a few times, but is stopped with the remote. This cycle repeats itself throughout.
  • Rachel strips out of her clothes while fighting the control.
  • Rachel's bra is removed by her ex and her chest is groped while she is mindless.
  • Forced to climb onto his lap wearing only her panties as she tries to resist. Made mindless and fondled.
  • Removes her panties and climbs naked into his lap, fighting the control. Made mindless and groped.
  • Tells him there is no way she'll ever be his sex slave. Then made mindless and put on her back.
  • Full nude.
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Rachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses ControlRachel Loses Control

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