Girls Gone Hypnotized

Rachel Submits to All Men

Rachel is talking with one of her guy friends, and finds that he doesn't care for her feminist views. He's tired of hearing about how a woman can do anything a man can do, and how women don't need men for anything. He doesn't even think women should make the same amount of money that men do. Obviously, this makes Rachel furious. Her friend then uses a pocket watch to hypnotize her. While Rachel is in a trance and under his control, she is programmed to agree with his views on women. Rachel is programmed to see every man as her master, and obey all men regardless of what commands they give her.

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11 minutes, 28 seconds
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Key highlights of video include:
  • Hypnotized by a swinging pocket watch.
  • Rachel repeats her hypnotic programming while fixated on the watch.
  • Answers "yes master" and "yes sir".
  • Programmed to believe that all women must submit and be subservient to all men.
  • Mindlessly walks back and forth like a zombie, repeating mantras such as "if any man gives me a command, I must obey it" and "all men are in control of me".
  • When woken out of trance, Rachel is more than happy to do whatever she can to make her guy friend comfortable.
  • While rubbing his feet, Rachel begins to contemplate what life would be like without men, and how she wouldn't have roads, cars, food, or buildings. She realizes that women would be helpless with nobody to protect them.
  • Rachel doesn't remember being hypnotized, but upon further contemplation, she is glad that she is hypnotized and under her master's control because he's a man and knows best for her.
  • Put back into the trance when shown the pocket watch.
  • Strips nude in a trance.
  • Walks in a daze, arms at her sides, and chants mantras such as "I obey all men" and "men will always control me".
  • Use of the word "hypnotized".
  • Full nude.
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Rachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All MenRachel Submits to All Men

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