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Rachel's Second Hypnosis Session

This is not a fantasy, story-based video. The hypnosis in this video is real. This is Rachel's second time being hypnotized. The entire session was captured from two separate camera angles. The editing has been kept to a minimum to allow the viewer to experience the session from beginning to end.

Rachel is back for her second real hypnosis session with our returning hypnotist, RHLOVER. The entire session was conducted online through the webcam, with Rachel being guided into trance by the hypnotist, through eye fixation and relaxation techniques.  I, of course, was in the room with her, filming and interacting as needed. Rachel doesn't remember much from her first session, mainly due to the fact that it happened some time ago. The hypnotist works to get her into a state of deep relaxation, and then begins to implant triggers and suggestions into her mind.

We mainly work with mindless obedience suggestions triggered by a pocket watch or rubbing her feet. During these moments Rachel mindlessly follows our commands, but does not remember what she was doing when she is woken up. We also do a bit of self-aware freezing where Rachel can talk and is fully aware while her body is frozen and manipulated by us. (A full list of details from the shoot can be found below the description.)

Just like the first session, Rachel responded well to the hypnosis. She did not remember many details of the shoot, even when we attempted to remind her of what she was doing.

After the session, Rachel is brought out of trance and the three of us briefly discuss the session in a  follow-up interview.

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Key highlights of video include:
  • Guided into trance by hypnotist's voice while fixing her eyes on a spot on the ceiling
  • Taken into a deep relaxation
  • Given a sleep trigger to return to trance
  • Suggested that it is unbearably hot in the room and she remove her dress to cool down
  • Wakes up, not knowing how her dress came off
  • When she is shown a pocket watch, she becomes mindless, blank, and obedient
  • Made to preform various movements while blank
  • Shown the watch - made to remove her bra
  • Confused reaction each time the watch is removed from her view
  • Given phrases to repeat, believing them more each time she says them
  • When her feet are rubbed, her mind goes blank and she will  follow any command given.
  • Feet are rubbed, made to repeat mantras with arms posed as a sleepwalker
  • Feet are rubbed, made to rub her bare chest
  • Confused when her feet stop being rubbed, can't remember what has happened
  • Put back to sleep, woken up frozen from the neck down
  • Posed while frozen, unable to move herself but fully aware
  • Slowly brought out of hypnosis, all triggers removed
  • Explains how it felt being hypnotized and what the experience was like in a follow-up interview
  • Topless, nude down to panties
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